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Welcome to CCNY Science Alumni

The goal of the Science Alumni Group is to foster strong and continuous interactions primarily among fellow alumni, with students and faculty within the science division, and also with our alma mater, CCNY.  We are populating our database with chemistry alumni first, then later with the other science alumni. 

You must be logged on to use the web site, and the system requires your current email address.  Those of you whose email addresses are known to us, will receive log on information when we enter your name into the CCNY Science Alumni database.  For others, please click on Become a Member under the Access Panel on this page,  and follow the instructions there.  You can also join me on facebook at  This facebook page is setup solely for communication with CCNY Chemistry alumni.

Some of the noteworthy features of the web site include a searchable online alumni directory, ability to contact fellow alumni, a discussion board, class notes, alumni stories, giving a talk to alumni and students, and mentoring possibilities.  We would like you to explore the site, use it, notify other chemistry alumni about the site, and let us know how it can be improved.

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About Us

The Science Alumni Group has been working on this website for the past six months. It is a work in progress that will grow with input from the alumni. This web site include an online alumni directory that is searchable and provides for improved communication among alumni. These features require login and password information. Read More